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The Clean Slate

After initial experiments with the notion of repenting through a tangible object projecting the notion of one’s sins fading away, I created an interactive experience through designing a Hajj Soap that demonstrates the essence and gravity of a Muslim deserving and gaining a clean slate after the journey.


Construction methodology:

Soap mixed and made with Zamzam water, which is also embedded with an amulet/keepsake. The ritual of Zamzam water: One of the rituals of Hajj is to drink from the spring of Zamzam and to bring the water back to relatives and friends. Pilgrims either use the containers they have brought with them or acquire some specially while they are in Mecca. These containers are called zamzamiyyas. The water of Zamzam has been used for other purposes, too: Qur’ans were sometimes copied with ink made from it and it was also held to have protective powers.


Method of Use:

The soap would have a life span of the Hajj journey, which consists of 10 days, ending with a reward of a tiny, traditional Zamzam water container that a Muslim would use to pour water on themselves or wash their face, embracing their courageous completion ofHajj and,officially, the five pillars of Islam. The Soap has a tainted, unclean and rigid outer layer made of sand and soap, taken from the concept of ‘Taramum’, cleansing with sand when water is unavailable, which represents a Muslim’s true commitment to such a grave journey in the olden times . This layer covers a colorless, unscented, and alcohol-free inner layer that represents the pure and humble nature of a Muslim on this journey. The semi-transparent nature gives the Muslim the motivation towards the days that are left, and as the layers vanish, the tangible reward becomes clearer. This experience parallels the notion of a Muslim truly understanding and deserving the clean slate, which the Hajj journey provides ifa Muslim is unconditionally true to his devotion in Allah.


Year: 2015

Medium:Glycerin soap, Zamzam water, Sand, 3D printing


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