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Commissioned by Al Riwaq Art Space, an industrial, solar-powered installation. Inspired by the Liter of Light movement, the invention of Brazilian mechanic Alfred Moser and also by Filipino actor lllac Diaz. Using recycled and sustainable materials, I've created a peep-through, miniature lighting installation, which addresses the insensitive and careless nature of today's unnecessary consumption. In hope of shedding light on the countless lives that have been lost in endless fires in slums in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Africa and the rest of the world, leading us all to question ourselves 'What About Tomorrow?'


I, with the support of Al Riwaq Gallery, aim to follow within the footsteps of the 'Liter of Light' movement, creating awareness, starting by covering the industrial areas and villages in Bahrain and hopefully moving along the Gulf region.

With a team of dedicated volunteers who shall be sourcing and collecting empty plastic bottles, to have them transformed into what is now known as the 'cheapest light bulb on earth: with simply combining water and bleach, we aim to bring light to many lives of laborers around the GCC region.


Artist:     Othman Khunji

Curator: Hadeel Eltayeb

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