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The Shahada, or ‘Testimony’, is the primary pillar and has no behavioral method, time

frame nor specific space. Renewing your testimony is a ritual that should be repeated as often as possible, not just in time of need, sickness and death. I sought to find a medium through which Muslims can relate to the fact that the testimony is always there yet it isn’t. As the testimony is mandatorily repeated in our daily prayers yet when one voluntarily utters the words of the testimony which is the first gate to pass for one who wishes to

embrace Islam, they hence willingly embrace the purity of their soul, where they

independently treasured and remembered to renew their faith in anytime and any place.


Construction methodology: To address this ritual, I designed an interactive experience usingMicrosoft’s Kinect® technology and a projectormounted to the ceiling.


Method of use: Once an individual is detected by the Kinect sensor, their silhouette,

created from the phrase of the Testimony, will be displayed on the opposite wall, which will be layered by Allah’s 99 names defining his attributes in life. The concept of this is for Muslims to sense the notion of the infinite renewal of their Testimony through their presence’s 'embodiment’ of the Testimony. This attempts to express that when a Muslim has accepted the Testimony, then they have embraced all of Allah’s attributes which are displayed on the wall. The surprise element of the detection plays on the perception that the testimony might not have a specific place or time, yet it’s always there for any Muslim who needs to seek Allah by renewing their faith through the Testimony. This interaction embraces the idea that the testimony is omnipresent and always there for any Muslim who needs to seek Allah by renewing their faith


Medium: Print on Canvas paper


The Testimony Embodiment

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